The group takes a seat to eat and talk about the way that a dead body has turned up, notwithstanding discovering more Flaca on the ladies they protected (they were high off the stuff). They choose to go to the open house to get any more data on Leeds that they can get.

That night, the group goes “covert” at the open local gathering. They appoint Brody to be post to have eyes on Leeds. He manages to get Leeds alone yet he doesn’t get any data since he’s more centered around getting smashed. Ronnie diverts Leeds while the others go to work by doing an insane move that stands out enough to be noticed. Mitch then goes to stand up to Brody over his disappointment at his assignment. Brody curses Mitch out and discloses to him he’s only a lifeguard. Mitch embarrasses Brody facilitate by terrifying him into falling into a pool, where he vomits again and everybody sees. Brody plays it off by telling everybody do shots, however he goes out.

In the interim, Frankie and Leon take Dave’s dead body on a watercraft out to the ocean and slather him with meat pieces as they dump him in there to be shark nourishment.

The following morning, Mitch discloses to Brody that he is extraordinary at what he does when he’s all alone, yet with regards to acting as a feature of a group, he neglects to do as such on the grounds that he is narrow minded and just thinks about himself. Brody asks for another opportunity and tells Mitch and Summer that he saw Rodriguez wearing the watch that Leeds’ goons wear.

The trio make a beeline for the mortuary to proceed with their examination by masking themselves as doctor’s facility staff. In the mortuary, they discover Rodriguez’s carcass and dissection documents. They see that there was no smoke in his lungs, which implies he kicked the bucket before the pontoon burst into flames. Mitch orders Brody to look under Rodriguez’s scrotum for anything, yet it’s only an open door by Mitch to additionally embarrass Brody by getting pics of Brody taking a gander at a dead person’s corrupt. Summer sees Frankie and Leon drawing nearer. The three stow away in the drawers, however Brody winds up covering up on top of a dead old woman. To exacerbate the situation, he has fat from a body dribbling all over. The goons at that point open up Rodriguez’s drawer and swap out a dissection record to make it appear as though he dieed from the fire. Brody at that point blows a gasket when the fat trickles into his mouth, so he bounced out and gets hand sanitizer on his mouth. They are additionally uncovered when Summer’s telephone rings. Leon gets the telephone and runs out with Frankie.

Leon hurls Summer’s telephone to Frankie. Mitch follows Frankie while Brody and Summer attempt to catch Leon. Mitch pursues Frankie on a stream ski and discovers him attempting to break into a family’s home. The two battle in a young lady’s room after Frankie breaks the telephone until Mitch puts a diaper container on Frankie’s take and thumps him off the window into the pool.

Mitch, Brody, and Summer all meet with Sergeant Ellerbee as he indignantly instructs them to quit getting included for the situation. Commander Thorpe likewise appears as the three have a go at clarifying that they had confirm against Leeds’ men, yet all the proof has been wrecked. Thorpe debilitates to flame Mitch in the event that he proceeds with his examination. Frankie escapes with everything in the wake of grumbling to the police over Mitch’s activities.

Mitch watches the Huntley getting their fish from another organization, which he supposes is the manner by which they are carrying Flaca onto the shoreline. He and Brody go covert and sneak into the Huntley’s kitchen where they discover Leeds’ men taking care of medications. Mitch calls Ellerbee to report, however Ellerbee is tied up with having discovered Dave’s body being in part torn up by sharks. Ellerbee likewise has Thorpe tune in to Mitch calling.

Thorpe calls Mitch into his office to flame him. He names Brody to be the new lieutenant, however Mitch discloses to Thorpe that the position ought to go to Stephanie since she knows the shoreline similarly and in addition he does. Thorpe couldn’t care less for Mitch’s feeling and rejects him. In spite of the fact that Brody tries to decay the offer, Thorpe debilitates him with a terrible record for his group benefit. The others aren’t content with Brody taking the position, notwithstanding his endeavors to safeguard himself.

Brody begins to deal with things on the shoreline in spite of not having everybody’s support. He gets a punk on the shoreline taking individuals’ stuff with a cooler that pulls things in. He handles the hoodlum and panics him away. When he opens the cooler, Brody finds a pack of Flaca. He at that point requests that Steph and CJ help give back everybody’s things.

Brody goes to Ellerbee’s office to give him a chocolate smoothie additionally to utilize the cooler to take a record off his work area without him knowing.

Mitch accepts another position at a telephone store and cuts off association with whatever remains of his group. When he looks prepared to give into, he is drawn nearer by his old mentor…the unique Mitch (David Hasselhoff). He motivates Mitch to keep up his work and to not abandon himself or his kin.

Brody approaches Summer with the document, demonstrating Dave’s cadaver. Ronnie sees the pics and perceives Dave. He tells the others that Dave said working with Leeds. Ronnie later shows Brody how he can hack into Leeds’ servers, driving them to find Leeds’ definitive arrangement – she needs to privatize the shoreline with the goal that she can dispense with rivalry and spread medications around undetected. The folks educate the women concerning this arrangement and they meet up to stop Leeds.

The group penetrates Leeds’ yacht amid a gathering. Steph, CJ, and Ronnie discover Murray Chen (Clem Cheung), a land fellow that Leeds seized as a major aspect of her plan. In the interim, Brody swims under the watercraft and finds that Leeds has been sneaking medications in the frame. Brody reemerges to advise Summer to connect with Brody. When he gets back on the watercraft, he gets thumped out by Frankie.

The goons take Brody on another pontoon and secure him a confine. Before she can execute Brody, she reveals to him that she influenced Thorpe to set Mitch up so he would get let go and get him off her back. She pushes the pen into the water, which Ronnie and CJ see. Similarly as Brody seems to acknowledge his destiny, he is hauled out of the enclosure. He sees Summer resuscitating him, however it’s truly Mitch, to Brody’s nauseate.

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